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Remote Backup

Avoid catastrophe by automatically backing up your Craft CMS database and volumes to remote cloud destinations.

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Remote Backup is a plugin for Craft CMS that lets you create backups of your database and volumes to cloud destinations like AWS, Digital Ocean and Backblaze.

This lets you create "set-and-forget" regular backups, giving you peace of mind when developing and using Craft websites.

How it works

It provides a useful interface for manually backing up your data via the Craft CMS Control Panel utilites section:

The utilities interface for Remote Backup
The control panel interface for Remote Backup

Remote Backup also lets you create backups with custom CLI commands, for example:

./craft remote-backup/database/create

Together with cron these commands can be used to take totally automated backups.


  • Multiple cloud providers: remote backup supports numerous cloud providers including AWS and Backblaze.
  • Background queue: use the Craft queue to avoid hanging around for backups to complete.
  • Supports large files: backup large multi-GB volumes and databases to remote destinations.
  • CLI commands: automate backups using the CLI commands and cron.
  • Prunes old backups: automatically prune old backups so you never run out of space.
  • Remote volumes: backup remote volumes to other remote locations for peace of mind (i.e. S3 to Backblaze)

Quick start

To get started, click through to the following pages, otherwise, read on for some more about the plugin.


Find out how to install the plugin and get started.


See how to configure your remote cloud provider to make backups.


Learn how to either manually backup or automate the process.

Getting help

Having trouble with the plugin? Get in touch for help.

  • Latest plugin version is 4.1.4
  • Check out the CHANGELOG.md for recent changes


Remote Backup is useful for both website developers as well as editors and content creators:

  • Occasional off-site backups: take quick and manual backups via the interface for peace-of-mind when working on new features.
  • Protecting deployments: when working with CI deployments, you can protect against problematic deployments and use backups to revert to earlier version.
  • Automated backups for content rollback: you can also take regular backups to recover from somebody accidentally deleting content.
  • Accidental deletions: recover after accidentally deleting your entire volume bucket.

See Also

Craft Remote Sync is the sister plugin to Remote Backup, allowing you to use the same cloud destinations to sync databases and asset volumes across your Craft environments. Using these plugins together is a great way to manage both syncing and backup in one place.